Hope all is well and you had a great week. Coming off last week’s all-time high daily close, Bitcoin has reached new all-time highs of $66,999 on Coinbase.

Since then we’ve seen price correct, reaching as low as $61,200.

Let’s dive into the dynamics behind this recent price action and…

Dear readers,

Hope all is well and you had an awesome week.

Bitcoin has had yet another strong week, testing just shy of $60K overnight. Let’s dive into some trends that are probably worth paying attention to.

First of all, Bitcoin sits now sits at the very edge of the…

Dear readers,

Hope all is well. This week has been a great start to Q4 for Bitcoin, with prices reaching as high as $56K. Let’s dive into some key trends that you may want to be aware of.

From purely a price structure standpoint, we have broken the key point…

Hope all is well.

With September soon behind us, which has historically been bearish for BTC, we now head into Q4.

Q4 is skewed bullish as 6 out of 10 (60%) of Bitcoin’s quarterly candles have been positive.

Let’s dive into some interesting trends from this week.

Let’s start with…

Been another volatile week for Bitcoin, fueled by some macro uncertainty and risk-off behaviour in traditional markets.

Also in the last 24 hours, we’ve got both positive news in Twitter integrating lightweight and negative news in China banning Bitcoin for the 10th time. …

From an on-chain perspective, not too much has changed this week aside from some continuation of trends that we’ve already been following for the last month.

We continue to carve out a fourth cluster of on-chain volume, highlighting a large cost basis of market participants between $44K-$50K. Prior to last…

Dear readers,

Hope all is well. It’s been another wild week for Bitcoin, including the largest deleveraging event since May 19th. This move was caused by a cascading liquidation of leveraged traders. On-chain is used to track broader underlying market structure, while on shorter-term time frames derivatives can drive price…

Dear readers,

Hope all is well, and you had a great week. Let’s dive into some trends from this week.

Key takeaways:

- On-chain supply dynamics are at levels that previously priced BTC at $58K-$59K

- Macro “supply shock” metrics all look strong with confluence

- Exchanges down 17,104 BTC…

Hope all is well. In last Saturday’s newsletter, we touched on a few things to keep an eye on throughout the week. The update sent out Wednesday was a follow-up on some of those things that did occur. As the subtitle suggested, after a failed break above $50K on-chain suggested…

Hope all is well and you’re having a good week thus far. Just wanted to send out a quick update with some information that you may find useful to keep in mind in the short term.

In last week’s newsletter (sent out Saturday) we touched on how exchange flows had…

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