So it is 2022.

Another year; full of opportunities and possibilities.

As we head into 2022, keep your presence of mind amidst the turmoil of events.

Do not lose it.

Stay calm and focused. Focus on having clarity.

You can’t control how the markets will react. …

Overall, here are our general bull and bear cases for the Bitcoin market:


On-chain supply dynamics (illiquid supply, LTH supply, HODL waves, dormancy, etc), On-chain oscillator never reached exuberance and reset over summer, Summer included on-chain behaviours that have historically resembled a bear market, Funds have fresh PnLs in January & therefore hunger to take on risk, Macro uncertainty


Price action still looks…

Heinrich Bredenkamp

Crypto Enthusiast and Investor. I give regular market updates, trends and news regarding cryptocurrency. I use a variety of sources for my content.

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