What the Mainstreaming of Crypto Means for Normies

General Opinion:

The rise of Bitcoin, Coinbase, and the like is becoming harder to ignore.

It is going to become part of the mainstream of finance.

Innovation always wins.

It is only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies take over.

With Bitcoin, Etehrium, and Dogecoin as well as other cryptocurrencies raising new highs the odds are all in their favor.

Of course, some might say this is a bubble.

That is hardly the case currently.

I remember investing in December before the halving.

I have officially made it three times my initial investment.

Of course with taxes included my “profit” is still a lot.

With inflation rising, more stimulus checks, COVID 19, Suez Canal blockade, etc. you can expect people like myself to invest in alternative assets.

So let’s talk about Precious Metals.

Precious metals are great.

But it is ancient.

Cryptocurrencies are innovating and are the currency of tomorrow.

That doesn’t mean precious metals will just disappear or not be relevant.

But I will much rather invest in something which I know is the “future”

That said cryptocurrencies can not be ignored anymore.

For investors or “normies” alike.

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